Thanks for Waiting: The Joy (& Weirdness) of Being a Late Bloomer: Not Quite There

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Journalist, author, and podcaster Doree Shafrir’s new book “Thanks for Waiting: The Joy (& Weirdness) of Being a Late Bloomer” is a clever attempt to illustrate a person achieving life’s milestones later in life.

Synopsis: Doree Shafrir was, and is, a successful journalist who worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Observer, BuzzFeed, and the Rolling Stone after graduate school. She had a few successful relationships, but at 35 years old, Shafrir was unmarried without children. The engagement of the author’s younger sister added to Shafrir’s late-blooming panic. Eventually, Shafrir meets her husband, Matt, and the two create a successful podcast about their infertility and IVF treatments. The book ends with the successful birth of Shafrir’s son.

I relate to Shafrir’s struggles as a late bloomer, as do many in my cohort. We’ve found ourselves looking for a relationship, a job, a new place to live, or a combination of the three options. 

The idea of achieving particular milestones on a specific timeline is suffocating. It’s also challenging; not to mention certain socio-economic factors that hinder some people’s path; it’s surprising more young adults aren’t late bloomers.

The book was interesting, but nothing out of the ordinary, especially considering that the author was busy living her life as a successful journalist. Not many people can say they’ve worked at Gawker and BuzzFeed. It’s one thing if you’re living an unexciting life. It’s another thing when you are a successful journalist living in a big city accomplishing big things.

The primary issue I came across in “Thanks for Waiting” was the writing: it was boring. There was no moment of WOW. Very hum-drum from start to finish. The idea was excellent; the execution was missing the wow factor for sure.

3 stars. Why 3? The notion of detailing later-in-life achievements is great, super on point for many young adults in 2021. However, I feel the author shorted herself by not giving herself praises for everything she WAS able to achieve.

Did you accomplish your life milestones on time?

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