The Summer Job is a Perfect Summer Read

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Hey Book Friends.

I finished “The Summer Job” by Lizzy Dent, and it was brilliant.

Synopsis: Elizabeth ‘Birdy’ Finch is scrambling to find a summer gig and stay while her best friend, Heather Jones–the professional sommelier–is heading off to Italy. Birdy crashes at Heather’s apartment, so this trip leaves Finch in a problematic situation. However, the two have switched places before, here and there for events, so Birdy decides to take on a job Heather turned down in Scotland. Birdy decides to “become” Heather for a summer, thinking nothing too horrible can happen. However, once in Loch Dorn, the run-down hotel & restaurant, the real Heather turned down, Birdy realizes she’s in too deep. The seemingly not-so-bad-lie is getting tougher to get out of, and everything is spiraling for everyone. 

This book was so much fun to read. The characters, the plot, the setting, everything just fit perfectly. I was looking for an easy-going, fun book to get out of my reading funk, and I found it with “The Summer Job.” The theme of needing to belong is solid and familiar to me; just this pull to feel like you are a part of a group, family, friends, or ragtag work click. There’s also the universal use of food and wine to bring people together. Although Birdy was not a real sommelier, she used her charisma during her work shifts in the restaurant to make guests feel comfortable.

The writing in this book is clear, to the point, and engaging. I enjoyed coming back to the book. 

5 Stars

Why? “The Summer Job” was fun and comical. Something entertaining to take us away from The World and all that’s happening. It flowed from start to finish. I will add that I’m not much of a drinker, but I want to learn more about wines and food pairings after reading this book. So I signed up for a wine tasting course.

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