My Sweet Girl: A Miss for Me

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Hey Book Friends.

Every now and then, I come across a book that leaves me unsure of what to think. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Would I recommend it? Reviewing books is purely subjective. So when I finished “My Sweet Girl” by Amanda Jayatissa, I wasn’t sure how to express my opinion on this book until I came across a few comments that summed up my view. Keep reading.

Synopsis: Ever since her adoption from a Sri Lankan orphanage, Paloma has had the best of everything, but now at 30yo she decides to sublet the second bedroom of her overpriced SF when her parents cut her off financially. The deed feels good, helping an immigrant find their way in America until Arun, the roommate, discovers Paloma’s darkest secret. Paloma tries to pay Arun off, but one day she finds him dead in the apartment. By the time the police arrive, there’s no body—and no evidence that Arun ever even existed in the first place.

Paloma fears this disappearance will bring up her desperate actions to escape Sri Lanka so many years ago. 

This book was a no-go for me. The story contained too many mixed genres; the narrator was unreliable, it took too long to get to the twist; I can go on. I feel like if the author stuck to one theme or matter, I would’ve enjoyed it. Some thrillers can hook a reader from the start, but this wasn’t one of those books for me. 

Have you read “My Sweet Girl”? 

I often read reviews when I’m conflicted, but turns out I’m not the only person who read “My Sweet Girl” and had not-so-sweet words to share:

“On the surface, this seems like it could be an interesting thriller but I think it’s more a character study of a possibly unreliable narrator. There is the supernatural element of the story but it all doesn’t fit well with the rest of the story, which seems to have trouble finding it’s identity. I wanted to sympathize with Paloma but she’s such a critical, judgmental person and the more I thought I knew about her, the less I wanted to know her.”

Another problem for me was that I wasn’t sure what this story wanted to be. Is it a thriller? Is it a domestic drama? Is it paranormal? There was a lot going on…and yet it slow-crawled through the “increasing suspense” department.”

“It was just poor quality writing tbh! They were trying to show her anger and establish the character’s voice but it was so badly done. There are other ways to show rage than just repeating the f word every other sentence. Such an annoying read!”

2.5 stars.

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