A Review of “Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: TWO”

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Hey Book Friends!

I just finished “Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: And Baby Makes Two” by Jayne Allen. It was a great follow-up to the first book of the series.

In book Two, we follow Tabitha “Tabby” Walker and her very complicated pregnancy. While still navigating between working as a professional news reporter and her relationship with long-time partner Marc Brown, Tabby struggles initially with making the choices that represent her and choices that create the perfect look.

I was glad to return to familiar characters. It was comforting. The story arc wasn’t unpredictable to the reader, especially if you read the first book, but still enjoyable.

There were several themes Allen touched on that were spot on, such as Professionalism & Natural Hair for Black women in the workplace, Traditional Family Planning vs. Untraditional, and shifting friend priorities as life changes. Also, once again, Black Girls are exhausted (lol).

I liked the book, but the first one was more engaging. It almost felt a little incomplete and much slower. I’m still a Tabby fan and will definitely read the third book when it’s published.

Three stars.

Did you read it? What are your thoughts on book two?

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