The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass: An Example from the Start

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Hey, Book Friends. I hope all is well.

I finished reading The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass and, emotionally, it was jarring. The last few months have been challenging to handle, and I found myself retreating from everything. Reading the life of Frederick Douglass provided a clear context of the relationship between African Americans and systems in various places that were never fair. 

This past July 4th holiday didn’t feel like a regular holiday, but rather an ordinary Saturday. The current zeitgeist isn’t happy or jovial but more solemn. I read a post about Douglass’ take on July 4th for the African American and remembered I had a few copies at home and decided to read it. It is very tough to stomach. The experiences of those enslaved were inhumane, and we should never forget nor diminish those experiences.

If you’re looking for an education in African American History / American History, I recommend The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass. It offers a first-hand view of America’s original sin.

If you’re new to my page, please note that I do not review classics. I don’t believe it is my place to break down a story/book when it’s offered so much to society. Instead, let us look to classics as a learning experience and apply lessons learned to our modern world.


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