Port of Princes: A Book Review

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I finished “Port of Princes” by Fabiola Joseph & Nika Michelle, and this was so over-the-top, so dramatic, and so entertaining.

“Port of Princes” is a story about two of Haiti’s most prominent crime families, the LaRoses and the LeCoeurs. Lust and greed, harbored by Enzo LeCoeur, changes the lives of the LaRose sisters, Erzili, Marinette, and Simbi.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but this was a wild ride. The book’s pace is that of a dramatic Haitian or Nigerian movie that plays in the background at the hair salon.

With the eldest sister, Simbi, in Miami, Erzili and Marinette deal with Enzo and his twin sons, Karter and Toussaint, in Port-au-Prince. The boys are the complete opposite of one another but still share killer instincts.

I liked the book. It was outrageous and exaggerated but absorbing.

The only aspects I had issues with was the length of the story and the cliffhanger. It’s on the long side at 450 pages, and parts of the story were more asides than necessary elements of the main story. Also, the ending was a complete drop*. It picks up again in book two, but there isn’t a sense of completion in the first book. So, that was irksome. However, the author was kind enough to send me the second book, so I’ll read what happens next in the coming weeks.

(4 stars). This story was engaging, frustrating at times, but you still want to know, “what happens next?” It was such a pleasure to read a story based in Haiti with cultural aspects mixed within the plot. Just a heads up, this book has a slew of adult themes, but it adds to the reading experience.

*If you read this book, you’ll understand. (Inserts smirk.)

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