Talking to Strangers: A Review

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I recently decided to give audiobooks another attempt and finished “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m a massive fan of Gladwell, and it was a bonus for me to not only read the book but have it read by him on Audible.

“Talking to Strangers” is a dive into how people interact and communicate, or often miscommunicate, with others they do not know well. Gladwell uses several examples like the arrest and death of Sandra Bland, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin and Adolf Hitler, and the murder trial of Amanda Know. He points out that people use a particular set of appropriate behaviors and apply them to strangers. In most cases, this is okay, but there are other interactions when using our behavior principles can lead to incorrect assumptions or bad experiences.

I liked this book. Again, I’m a Gladwell fan. His interviews are great to listen to and watch. However, I’m not sure this is as great as his previous work. I enjoyed “Tipping Point” and “Blink” much more.

Also, some cases were a real stretch for me. I could see the point Gladwell was trying to make, but I couldn’t agree. Mostly I’m referring to the case of rapist Brock Turner.

Anyways, would I recommend this book? Yes. It was interesting. I believe all strangers should interact carefully, but that’s from watching years of SVU.

Four Stars.

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