Caste: A Review

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“Caste” identifies and discusses how America arrived at its current state of division amongst its citizens. Wilkerson highlights the United States’ History–the original sin– as the root of the modern casting. The author also brilliantly compares the caste systems of India and WWII Germany with the rise of Nazis. 

Reading “Caste” is witnessing History in real-time while pinpointing the past errors that brought us to our current state of being. 

This book was one of the most intelligent, well-written nonfiction books I’ve ever read. From start to finish, Wilkerson engulfed me in her ability to drop knowledge. Just one page after another. One reviewer likened America to an old house and, recognizing the Caste System is looking at an x-ray of the house. We would finally see what’s going on inside of our home. Our house needs work. 

Wilkerson writes that the division amongst Americans is a caste system based on race. Race is a social construct to divide people who look different. Colonizers constructed a system that ordered people who looked a particular way beneath them [the colonizers]. This perceived superiority/inferiority has lasted over 4oo years and continues to divide the United States. 

I highly recommend Wilkerson’s “Caste.” It’s a new American classic.

Five Stars.

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